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We all find interest in different things, mine happens to be avant-garde design and classic motorcycles. As a certified interior designer, I have a 24-year history in architecture, design, and construction.  I'm a former college instructor of interior design,

a national television host, and I've been featured and traveled internationally for my work.  I'm proud to be a third-generation designer and admire my grandmother for studying under Frank Lloyd Wright.  As an architectural interior designer by profession and a motorcycles lover/designer by hobby, I cater to a wide array of design clients, including commercial, residential, hospitality, educational and consulting.  I also specialize in custom designs and create “signature” statements, such as, one-of-a-kind architectural pieces.  I always give my clients what they want, exceptional designs, that are not bound by "rules" and created with passion.  I've won awards, I've got a PhD, but it doesn't hold a candle to good ole' fashioned hard work, ethics and fantastic relationships. 

I love what I do for a living and that's reflected by the smiles on my clients faces.  Read more: PRESS
















Smith’s Studio has been published all over the world, and is featured in the international TV show Red Hot Design. When it comes to interiors and exteriors, everything you see, we can design AND build.  We deliver one of a kind design and a one of a kind experience! 

See more:  Portfolio

“If you censor the designer, your project won't speak volumes” 

                                                                                   ~ Shasta Smith

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