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Shasta Smith of Motorcycle Mondays

Who? What?

One minute she has red hair, the next minute she's a blonde!  Shasta Smith is the host and creator of Motorcycle Mondays. 

She is a 23 year veteran rider and owner of Vintage Monkey where she designs & builds vintage motorcycles for charity.  

Motorcycle Mondays is a series about motorcycles, mechanics, and ways to improve your mundane life.  A homage to all who spend hours in the garage…with a few drinks…thinking they know it all.  

Bottoms Up, Rubber Down!

"I would watch silent films of Shasta doing laundry.
She is amazing"

                                                             - Greg in Great Britain

"I just want to let you know, if I wasn't married with kids, I'd make stalking you my full time job"

                                                             - some guy in hiding

"I want you like you want Ewan"

                                                             - Ivan in Ireland

"I'd like to put my little tiger in HER tank"

                                                             - Norm in Nashville



"Making Mondays worth puttin' up with!!"

                                                             - Omar in Oregon

"She has her own bartenders!?"

                                                             - Sam in South Africa


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