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Motorcycle Mondays trailer

Episode: Spark plugs -

Over gapping can hurt your performance

Episode: Lube –

How too much or too little can affect your performance

Episode: Tires – 

Using the right rubber for the right occasion

Episode: Chrome Buffing –

The proper rub techniques 

Episode: Crotch Rockets -

Sizes and types of crotch rockets

Motorcycle Mondays extended music opener

Episode: Riding Gear -

Protecting your parts while having a good time.

Episode: Gas -

Understanding your odor differences .

Episode: Filthy Filter –

Why does it get dirty and what do I do

Episode: History of Moto-Guzzi –

Told through the eyes of a shot glass

Episode: Tail Pipe Exhaust –

Odors and drips that can come from your tail end

Episode: Back Fires –

My Crew after a long day



Episode: Shaft Drive – The best things about a shaft…drive

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